2024 OCIYAC New York TOP International Illustration Competition

2024 OCIYAC New York International Illustration Exhibition & Art Fair

OCIYAC (Organizing Committee of the International Youth Art Competition) is a diverse international platform for artistic exchange, backed by a strong academic background.



The 2024 OCIYAC TOP New York International Illustration Exhibition & New York Art Fair is co-hosted by the Contemporary Art Center of New York, the Asian American Artists Association, the Kyoto Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Academy, the Youth Art Center of the Chinese Benevolent Association of America, the St. Petersburg Art Center in Russia, the Japan-China Literary and Artistic Artists Association, the Nampo Ink Painting in Japan, the Tokyo Drunken Ink Society, the Japan International Exchange Hall, the Hiroshima International Calligraphy and Arts Exchange Conference, and the Tokyo Ink Orchid Society. It is a high-level international art exhibition.

This exhibition is open to contemporary art creators interested in entering the international art market and enhancing their international exhibition resume. It provides an opportunity to participate in a high-profile international exhibition held in the cosmopolitan city of New York.


Organizing Committee of the International Youth Art Competition


We believe that art and creativity are universal experiences that have the power to illuminate the challenges we need to address as citizens and societies to create a more equitable world.

Driven by art, creators and other cultural thought leaders who engage with powerful questions of our time, they provoke new perspectives and alternative points of view. Through our innovative and inclusive slate of programs, exhibitions, and services, the OCIYAC provides opportunities for encounters with trailblazing artists both local and global, and to unlock one’s own creative potential."



Expert Committees



OCIYAC is once again privileged to invite Italian designer Luca Nichetto for the design of the exclusive commemorative trophy for the 2024 OCIYAC New York International Illustration Exhibition & Art Fair.



3.Chairman's Letter from the New York Contemporary Art Center 

All participating artists will have the privilege of receiving a letter from Dr. John Francis Larner, Chairman of the New York Contemporary Art Center. This special letter offers recognition and support, adding a unique touch to their exhibition experience.

4.Commemorative Badge

"The New York Contemporary Art Center Commemorative Badge." This special badge is a uniquely symbolic memento representing the originality and profound impact of contemporary art. It serves as a precious keepsake for artists participating in exhibitions, capturing and conveying the inspiration and creativity of modern art.

5 Postcard

Exhibiting works will receive exclusive, professionally printed postcards issued by the New York Contemporary Art Center.

Registration Process

1 Download and fill out the application form, then send it along with the artwork images to for the preliminary selection.

2 Upon receiving the email confirmation, follow the instructions to complete the exhibition fee payment on the IYAC official website.

Please click the link below to access the registration form and review the submission rules, guidelines, and instructions. Ensure that all forms are completed in full and submit your artwork to the IYAC organizing committee.

Tip: The deadline for submissions is February 10th. Please submit in advance to the provided email address.

Exihibition Schedule

Collection Period: 

January 15th to February 10th

Exhibition Setup Period: 

March 4th to March 6th

VIP Preview: 

March 6th to March 7th

Exhibition Dates: 

March 8th to March 14th

Artwork Requirements


Illustrations, calligraphy, cartoon comics, oil paintings, creative sketches, ink paintings, photography, and other two-dimensional artworks are accepted. AI-generated works are prohibited. There are no restrictions on themes.

Artwork submissions for this exhibition are only accepted electronically. Original artworks can be submitted for exhibition in North America, and for special cases, please contact the staff for instructions.

Artworks must be scanned and submitted as high-resolution digital files (minimum 300 dpi, higher is better) in JPG, TIFF, PDF, or EPS formats. The dimensions must be accurately measured, with a minimum width of 12.8 inches (325.12 mm) and a minimum height of 8.8 inches (223.52 mm).

Note: Your artwork will be exhibited in high-definition electronic micro-spray format (no additional cost for framing), and you can refer to the effects of past Kyoto exhibitions. We are committed to ensuring the best display for your artwork.

Submission Requirements

 2024 OCIYAC

The Eye of History: Reflections on the Past

Civilization's Breath: Redemption Under the Clouds

3 Utopia: Under the Same Blue Sky


Competition Process

1 Preliminary Selection:

 January 8, 2024 – April 8, 2024

 (Monthly Evaluation)

2 Semi-final Selection: 

April 9, 2024 – June 8, 2024

3 Master Awards Presentation:

 July 2024 – August 2024

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