2024 OCIYAC New York TOP International Illustration Competition

Project Background

UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell mentioned:

"2023 has been an especially cruel year for children worldwide. Nearly a quarter of the global child population is currently in or fleeing conflict zones, including prolonged conflicts in Burkina Faso, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ukraine, Yemen, and other areas. These conflicts have resulted in numerous violations of children's rights and have caused prolonged suffering for years. Gaza has become the most dangerous place in the world for children, with nearly 6,000 children losing their lives in less than three months of war."

UNICEF visited hospitals in Gaza, depicting the collapse of the healthcare system and the tragic circumstances faced by children and families. UNICEF appeals for a compassionate response to the situation in Gaza and condemns those who can ignore the tragic deaths of children. UNICEF emphasizes that accepting the sacrifice of Gaza's children is tantamount to a abandonment of humanity and sees it as a last chance to take action before delving into another entirely avoidable tragedy.

Children are like the bright stars in the night sky, representing our most beautiful hope and inspiring us to create a better, more peaceful world. In 2024 and every day thereafter, let us join hands to do more and better for children.

In this challenging yet opportune moment, we believe that through the power of art, we can convey thoughts and aspirations for peace. Therefore, the theme for the 2024 OCIYAC New York TOP International Illustration Competition (S2) is set as "Peace: History, Present, and Future." This theme is inspired by the expectations for the future of children and OCIYAC's desire for a more harmonious world.


The 2024 OCIYAC New York TOP International Illustration Competition (S2)

The Organizing Committee International Youth Art Competition (OCIYAC) is a diverse international platform for artistic exchange with strong academic support.

The 2024 OCIYAC New York TOP International Illustration Competition (S2) is co-hosted by the Contemporary Art Center of New York, the Asian Artists Association of the United States, the Kyoto Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Academy, the Youth Art Center of the Chinese Benevolent Association in the United States, the St. Petersburg Art Center in Russia, the Chinese Literature and Art Association in Japan, the Nampo Sumi-e Painting in Japan, the Tokyo Zui Mokuhui in Japan, the International Conference Hall in Japan, the Hiroshima International Calligraphy and Painting Exchange Conference in Japan, and the Tokyo Sumi-e Painting Mokuran-kai International.

The 2024 OCIYAC New York TOP International Illustration Competition (S2) will contribute to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and provide a platform for global youth passionate about art to showcase their talents. In collaboration with the Staten Island Art Museum in New York, the competition will organize an art exhibition to facilitate international cultural exchange and inspire more individuals to actively engage in humanitarian relief efforts, making investments in our shared future. With the aim of expressing heartfelt desires for peace and prosperity worldwide, the theme of the 2024 OCIYAC New York TOP International Illustration Competition (S2) is Peace: History, Present, and Future, urging global attention to the rights and well-being of children.

The International Youth Art Competition (IYAC) has been upgraded to the Organizing Committee of the International Youth Art Competition (OCIYAC).


OCIYAC serves as a vital platform for global artistic exchange. We conduct activities in various regions, including the United States, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand, and more, creating bridges that connect diverse cultures. Through artistic expression, we collectively explore, share, and commit to promoting the flourishing development of global art. On a global scale, the 2024 OCIYAC New York TOP International Illustration Competition (S2) stands out as an unparalleled heavyweight art event in terms of participation scale, artwork quality, and influence. Upholding a reverence for creativity, respect for art, and support for artistic communities worldwide, we continue to provide a stage for international artistic creation.

Global Evaluation Committee

International Media Coverage

Submission Requirements



1 The Eye of History: Reflections on the Past

2 Civilization's Breath: Redemption Under the Clouds

3 Utopia: Under the Same Blue Sky

Competition Process

1 Preliminary Selection: January 8, 2024 – April 8, 2024

 (Monthly Evaluation)

2 Semi-final Selection: 

April 9, 2024 – June 8, 2024

3 Master Awards Presentation:

 July 2024 – August 2024


Founded in 1881, the Staten Island Museum is one of the oldest cultural institutions in New York City. Through interdisciplinary exhibitions, public programs, and educational activities catering to all age groups, the Staten Island Museum attracts visitors.

The museum's mission is to inspire curiosity and foster meaningful shared experiences as people explore their surroundings, understand themselves, and each other through the medium of art.

Awards Configuration

The 2024 OCIYAC International Illustration Competition has established Gold Prize, Silver Prize, Bronze Prize, Rising Star Award, and Excellence Award.

The expert judging panel adheres to international  standards (USPAP) and collaborates with an authoritative group of experts to formulate brand new evaluation criteria with independent intellectual property rights.

OCIYAC will specially select 13 Extraordinary Accolades within the Gold Prize category and award a total cash prize pool of $12,000

TOP International Illustration Master Award: 

$5,000 for one winner.

TOP International Illustration Creative Thinking Award: 

$3,000 each for two winners.

TOP International Illustration Visual Award: 

$100 each for ten winners.

ll participants who receive awards will be presented with exquisite trophies and honorary certificates issued by OCIYAC. The award certificates will feature exclusive codes, stamped with anti-counterfeiting marks, ensuring the uniqueness of each certificate.

Preview of Previous Editions' Trophy Certificates

Competition Categories

A: Children's Group (Below 6 years old)

B: Elementary School Group (7-12 years old)

C: Middle School Group (13-15 years old)

D: High School Group (16-18 years old)

E: Professional Group (18 years old and above)

Eligibility Criteria for Participation

• Illustrations created between March 2021 and April 2024 are eligible.

• Open to participants from any country or region. 

• Participants can be illustrators/teams, teachers, or students. 

• Works created or modified using artificial intelligence (AI) technology are not accepted.

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