IYAC is jointly sponsored by Asia Artists Association of USA, Kyoto Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Academy, Japan Chinese Literature and Artists Federation, Contemporary Art Center of New York, Kyoto International Conference Center, and the Kyoto International Exchange Hall, etc. It is a high-level international art competition for young people and children, and the first choice for first-class art institutions and excellent young children's art creators to participate in the competition. In 2022, IYAC will set up five competition areas in New York, Kyoto, Russia, Singapore and Hangzhou, China.


IYAC adopts the world's first (and currently the only) "children's Art League" competition system, which has been supported and recognized by many authoritative media. The competition specially invited 19 international artists from 5 countries around the world as judges, and selected them according to the USPAP standard. In addition, a new evaluation standard with independent intellectual property rights (IYAC-2021-06 International Norms for the Evaluation of Paintings by Young People and Children) has been formulated jointly with an authoritative expert group.


IYAC adheres to the principle of "fairness, impartiality and openness" and in accordance with the international art teaching status, guides young people and children to think and create more autonomously and improve their self-expression ability. With aesthetic education as the core, IYAC attaches importance to the art education of 6-18-year-old teenagers. Through the mode of competition and exhibition, IYAC has conducted a global discussion and exchange on the beauty of art, and inspired each family to think and improve their contemporary children's education.


Since its establishment, IYAC has been jointly participated in by children from China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada, Australia, Japan and hundreds of institutions from all over the world. The competition provides a broader platform for young people and children who are interested in painting to see more diverse arts in the world.

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